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We're two in one! What more could we ask for? uh

Okay so, isn't it crazy how our emotions take over our body?
Seriously, we say our mind controls what we do, but our heart controls it more...right?
Hearts control all feelings in our body we can't ignore and we follow it more than our mind. Our heart is much more powerful than our minds.
We may need our mind to think on studies, but that's mostly it, while our heart has the final say in what we actually do. No matter how hard we try to tell our heart to not feel the feelings it feels, it will NOT listen. It does as it pleases! We can say one thing but feel the total opposite.
Don't you just hate that?
So we are a two in one prize.
Two minds, one for our studies and movements and the other for our feelings.
Wouldn't you say?

Awww!!! My eyes, my eyes!
They've come out...haha.
Better to see you with. :-)
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