sweet Melissa (* (livehurtrebuild) wrote in random_babbling,
sweet Melissa (*

Is a persons first Love their true, true Love?
The first person your ever with counts most?
...because he/she isn't just a back up dancer to your song of Love 'cause you have never experienced anything like it before and you don't know what to expect.
While, on the seconds and so on's, they are there 'cause you miss being with someone and just having someone you can hold and cuddle with and Love with all your heart, is missed, like before.
Are you not truely, truely in Love like before?

The first Love is still in your mind while experiencing Love with the next.
So, is there really any true connection with the one your with?
The first Love you don't know what to do, while on the second and continue you've already experienced it all and you know what to expect?

...or will your true Love be the total opposite of everyone you've ever had?
I think it's that one.

Ahh, i'm getting lost in thought. I hate when this happens.
I'm just stopping right there.
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