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Greetings, from another side...

Name: Max?
Age: 16?
Location: California?
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Occupation: N/A
Ever been abducted by aliens: Misplaced modifier detected.

*Top 10 Favorite Musical Interests: Video Game Music, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Police, Queen, Sting, Smashing Pumpkins, Random Noise, ????, N/A

*Favorite Movies: N/A

*Two Turn Ons: ???? and Intelligent Girls

*Two Turn Offs: Males and Idiocy

*Pet Peeve[s]: N/A

*Favorite Lyric: [randomly picked]
All the lonely people...
Where do they all come from...?
All the lonely people...
Where do they all belong...?

*How'd you find this community: Interest- rambling

*Why you are joining this community: N/A

I am an odd individual who was never once considered 'normal'.
From birth, I was strangely fascinated by the least normal of things. I became a young artist, drawing doodles with crayons and such. Life was something to explore.
I grew a strange life: Subject to constant travel within the same state, constant insult and injury from my respective mother and father, constant prejudice for my mixed yet ignorant background, constant torment due to my shyness, and the unending pain of my ultra-sensitive emotions...

Events occurred, people came, people went, people died...

Eventually, I find myself somewhere recent. Where I have finally regained control of the internet. I had once, from school, learned of this Livejournal. So, I decided to use it.

...I first created my initial journal maxxchaos, named and used simply and randomly. I made random friends, found old friends, discovered things about the blog I hadn't before.

Then I made the less public hiddenxchaos, for dark secrets and emotional outbursts.

Following that was a_secretadmirer, which was initially created to simply be an alternate identity, but later become used for love poems (I had fallen in love, but that is a different story).

Next came another journal. I shall not reveal the name of this journal, but I will say that it was for an alternate personality of mine for philosophical ideas.

After that was vunachimojreu, something I used to explain my actual life (my initial journal was rather random and pointless in comparison).

Next came a dark, evil journal. Again, I will not reveal the name of this journal.

Next came zyzzyxzyyxy, an utterly pointless and random journal that I used to add seemingly random people that I found somewhat interesting.

The journals after that shall remain unknown.

...needless to say, I had become somewhat addicted to the livejournal world.
A certain madness dwells within me, which I cannot deny nor would I. I believe this madness is correctly placed, for there is no other I would believe it to belong to. My thoughts run wild and rampant, with little restraint. Chaos, randomness, madness, conflict, and confusion are constantly affecting me.
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